Date | 9.28 (Tue) – 11.28 (Sun). 2020
Time | 10:00 – 17:00 (Tue–Fri), 9:00 – 18:00(Sat / Sun / Holiday)
Venue | Japan House São Paulo
Address | Av. Paulista, 52 – Bela Vista São Paulo / SP


Visual Photo | Satoshi Minakawa, Special Thanks | yokohama balloon
Exhibition Photo | Marina Melchers / Japan House São Paulo

From September 28 to November 28, Japan House São Paulo presents "Equilíbrio” (Balance), an unprecedented installation with more than 9,000 balloons made by the Japanese duo DAISY BALLOON, known for their works with great visual impact that have delighted people all around the world. For the first time in Latin America, Rie Hosokai, an artist specializing in balloons, and Takashi Kawada, an art director and graphic designer, were inspired by the cycles of nature to c-reate the work that will change over the weeks, marking the inevitability of the passage of time.
Known for creating projects in different formats, ranging from shop windows, fashion editorials, dresses, and potted plants to advertising pieces, the duo also stands out for occupying spaces with large artistic installations, such as the one that can be seen at JHSP. Their works are notable for the use of self-made balloons, which add great novelty to the productions. Coming in at 11 meters in length and more than three meters in height, the work is site-specific, was designed exclusively for the exhibition area on the ground floor of Japan House São Paulo, and features balloons made together with Yokohama Balloon Co. Ltd. The balloons are covered with an outer layer of polarized film, and when light shines on the installation, a spectrum of immanent colors reflects in the exhibition space, an effect similar to that of the aurora borealis. The organic format of the work also draws attention and contrasts with synthetic materials.
“The shape of the installation is suggestive of the course of the water cycle, as if the balloons were droplets of water and clouds rising in the air to turn into rain and fall back to the ground”, explains Japan House São Paulo Cultural Director and exhibition curator Natasha Barzaghi Geenen.
The installation has an admirable visual impact and offers visitors a unique immersive experience, as they will be allowed to walk through it following a defined route.
“The audience will be able to witness the passage of time throughout the exhibition in a different way, as the trend is for the balloons to wither and change the installation in a subtle manner every day. The work condenses many typical Japanese concepts and ways of thinking, values balance and harmony, poetically symbolizes the passage of time, reinforces the importance of and fascination with the inexorable rules of nature, while, by using balloons that defy its ephemeral essence, also addresses a constant duality that permeates us”, highlights curator Natasha.

Curator|Natasha Barzaghi Geenen, Assistant Curator|Gabriela Goelzer Bacelar, Planning and Production|Melissa Barbosa e Adriana Rodrigues, Logistics|Tiago Souza, TS Logistica, Construction Coordinator|Rafael Filipi, Projeta、Assistant Construction Coordinator|Renato Bonfim, Final Construction Tuning|Renato Santos, Louis Alamino, Elias Joaquim, Ludmila Figueiredo, Ricardo Soares, Lighting Engineer|Fernanda Carvalho, Luana Alves、Emilia Ramos, Lighting|Santa Luz, Expography|Jeanine Menezes, Estúdio Gru, Lia Untem, Estúdio Gru, Scenography|Artos, Visual Communication|Thiago Minoru e Tissa Kimoto, Pandoala Estudio, Printing|Omamulti, Translation|Anna Ligia Pozzetti, Komorebi, Cristina Sagara, Sagara Assessoria Linguística e Eduardo Lasota, Alcance Consultoria de Idiomas, Text Editor|Armando Olivetti, Official Film|Tomada Produção Audiovisual, Official Photography|Marina Melchers, Accessibility Consultant|Arte Inclusão, Accessibility Table|Iguale, Ver com Palavras, Efeito Visual, Tissa Kimoto, Pandoala Estudio e Arthur Souza, ArtSim, Accessibility Platform|UMPARATODOS, Visual Image|Satoshi Minakawa, Special Thanks|yokohama balloon