Gallery AgainG was established in January 2022 as a space to exhibit the works created in Daisy Balloon’s studio AgainST. Daisy Balloon has continued to work with materials that become deflated and cease to exist in their original form. They have also continued to create against the tide of the times, thus the name AgainST.
At AgainG, we will be working to create a new vision for the art scene by continuing to explore deeper into our ongoing philosophical themes and focusing on the three perspectives of economy, environment and society for a new style of communication and sustainability. We hope our use of new materials and collaborations with many different artists will make our pre-existing theme of essential harmony a reality.

AgainG |

address|6-38-10 Minami-ikuta, Tama-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa, 214-0036 Japan
Architects|Shun Imajo Architects
Photo|Ooki Jingu