Date | 5.10 (Fri) – 5.31 (Fri). 2024
Address | 1-2, Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0094
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Organizer | SEIBU REALTY SOLUTIONS INC., Planning | Studio Per, Produce | en one tokyo inc.

Embrace | The flowers and trees we see in our daily lives are born from roots deep in the ground. Nourished by nutrients absorbed from the soil, the roots grow and sprout above ground, eventually developing into a single tree. In this process, they bloom many flowers over decades and sow seeds for the future. In “Embrace,” we express the three-dimensional image of plants, including not only the visible flowers and trees above ground but also the world of roots spreading deep underground. We use a motif of a rose's root and the flower nourished by those roots to represent this. Roots and flowers, like a mirror, create a similar form above and below ground, pulsating as one life. Yet, their appearance seems to embrace their past selves, affirming growth. Through the life of plants, which begin from roots and bloom many flowers over decades before dispersing, we hope to provoke the question humanity should explore: “What is life?”

Size | W1.8 × H21.3m
Photo | Masaki Ogawa