Date | 11.16 (Tue).2023 – 1.10 (Sun). 2024
Venue | LUMINA Shanghai - Atrium
Address | Longyao Road No.175, Xuhui District

Expansion | Colorful balloons sway through the air as light particles separate and expand, forming a constellation of stars suspended in the air. This embodies the essence of growth and exploration, while also representing the spreading and diffusion of hope in the world.

※ Henderson China once again joins hands with international balloon art unit, DAISY BALLOON, following their first collaboration in 2018. New art installations will be presented at Beijing wfc, Lumina Shanghai and Lumina Guangzhou. This project celebrates the establishment of our latest brand - LUMINA, conveying the integration of work and life, bringing hope and limitless possibilities to our community, fostering interaction and communication among diverse individuals and professionals.
Through the project "Walking on Air", balloon art and creativity are ingeniously blended together, intertwining and diffusing vibrant balloons of colors. We hope you can take a moment to pause, appreciate, and find solace in the beauty of our community.

Size | W10×H22m