DAISY BALLOON Book vol.1 | “Expressive Balloon”:
Date | 1.2010
Page | 8-17
Shooting | Tokyo, Japan
Order form | https://daisyballoone.stores.jp/items/5301f68a8a5610af0100005f

Photographer | Hiroshi Manaka, Photo Retouch | Yoshiaki Sakurai, Hair&Make-up | Rie Suda

Flowing. Airy. Fluttering. These are the 3 movements that inspired our work and it is through our work that we push the boundaries of balloon art. In the world of possibilities, we get back to the basics and ask, what exactly is a balloon dress, is it wearable? We take the dress apart into its basic pieces and liberate ourselves from our preconceived notions of balloons. Our quest is not only to create new forms, but to explore the properties of balloons, from color and radiance to texture and durability. We created this book not to tell a story, but to serve as a manual to reveal the possibilities of balloon art.