DAISY BALLOON'S online store, AgainSTORE, is now open.
A portion of the proceeds from the Apple Bear 260 project, the flagship product of the online store, will be donated to ARROWS (Airborne Rescue & Relief Operations with Search).

*ARROWS: Airborne Rescue & Relief Operations with Search (Peace Winds Japan, NPO)
ARROWS is an emergency medical project aimed to provide immediate rescue and treatment services in response to large-scale natural disasters. Our goal is to leverage transportation methods such as airplanes, helicopters and ships to send rescue teams including doctors, nurses, rescue workers and rescue dogs to disaster sites.
We launched our first operation in Suzu City, Ishikawa Prefecture the day after the 2024 Noto Earthquake struck. From immediate rescue and medical treatment to distribution of supplies and mid to long-term recovery efforts, we provide optimal relief assistance (excepted from the ARROWS website)
Official website|https://arrows.peace-winds.org/
2024 Noto Earthquake Relief Website|https://arrows.peace-winds.org/lp/support_noto_earthquake/