Date | 9.27 (Tue) – 10.11 (Tue). 2016
Time | 10:30 – 20:00
Lighting time | 17:00 – 6:00
Address | 3-14-1, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan.160-0022

Daisy Balloon was in charge of the window displays for Isetan Shinjuku Honten from Sept. 27 (Tuesday) through Oct. 4 (Tuesday).
Titled ITS FOR ISETAN SUPPORTED BY DIESEL, the works spread across a span of 12 windows. Featuring the designs of Yuko Koike, winner of the OTB AWARD, the window pieces were created to mesh with her works and included massive balloon flowers and patterns made of strictly of balloon bears. Our aim was to make a visual connection and create harmony with the materials.


Date | 10.20 (Mon) – 11.20 (Thu) . 2014
Address | 3-5-30, Kitaaoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061

We created the Anniversaire Omotesando window display titled Colorful Party, inspired by the connection between individual and society.
“COLORFUL PARTY” | One particular bird has become a part of our lives. What normally would have been a member of a flock of birds in nature was born into our human society and now interacts with us as an individual. As we showered her with affection, we started to take an interest in the ecological phenomenon of flocking. If you think about it, we people come from a history of living in groups, with each person bringing their own color, but in modern society we have become able to live independently. Our connections are weakening as a result. As with our bodies, we are made up of a great number of cells, and this may be proof that we cannot be held up by just a single cell.


Date | 11.26 (Tue) – 12.25 (Wed) . 2013
Address | 52 Shincho, Kawaramachi Nishiru, Shijo-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto. 600-8520

DAISY BALLOON Book vol.2 | “Existence”
Date | 11.2013
Page | 71-77
Shooting | Tokyo, Japan
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Curator | Daisuke Nagamori, Copy writer | Akihiro Maede, Producer | Naohito Miyagi, Photographer | Yasushi Kurihara

Existence | Digital has come to change the concept of existence in a large way. Photos, film, the dots on a map which we can information-based services, and lightwaves are two dimensional, and humans have evolved these to exist as three dimensional matter. We incorporate a fourth dimension to give rise to an even newer existence. That dimension we call time, through which lengthy histories rise and become societal symbols. We travel between the second and third dimensions, hoping to be filtered through time. To exist, in terms of time as a dimension, is to achieve an everlasting honeymoon with memory.


Date | 3.28 (Wed) – 4.17 (Tue) . 2012
Time | 10:00-20:00
Address | 5-1-5 Nanba, Chuo-ku, Osaka. 542-8510

DAISY BALLOON Book vol.2 | “Rinten”:
Date | 4.2013
Page | 31-36
Shooting | Tokyo, Japan
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Curator | Daisuke Nagamori, Copy writer | Akihiro Maede, Producer | Naohito Miyagi
Photographer | Hiroshi Manaka, Photo Retouch | Yoshiaki Sakurai, Hair | Koji Ichikawa, Make-up | Ken Nakano, Stylist | Koji Oyamada,
Movie : Edit : Hiroshi Ouchi, Sound | Leo Sato

Rinten | When the human realm and the spiritual natural world come to understand one another, something beautiful is created.The subliminal beauty we see in the spiritual and natural realms appears in front of our eyes as a temporary encounter.Nature is at times harsh and at times forgiving. It teaches us fear and forgiveness. It makes us conscious of life and death. The raw nature of life and death are obscured by massive devices in modern society and we are distanced from it. However, as nature tells its story, death is the beginning of life and life is the beginning of death; constant loop that spins in the periphery of our lives. Life and death are reversible and has no good or evil. When life starts to vanish, death shines a new light.