Date | 3.28 (Wed) – 4.17 (Tue) . 2012
Time | 10:00-20:00
Address | 5-1-5 Nanba, Chuo-ku, Osaka. 542-8510

DAISY BALLOON Book vol.2 | “Rinten”:
Date | 4.2013
Page | 31-36
Shooting | Tokyo, Japan
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Curator | Daisuke Nagamori, Copy writer | Akihiro Maede, Producer | Naohito Miyagi
Photographer | Hiroshi Manaka, Photo Retouch | Yoshiaki Sakurai, Hair | Koji Ichikawa, Make-up | Ken Nakano, Stylist | Koji Oyamada,
Movie : Edit : Hiroshi Ouchi, Sound | Leo Sato

Rinten | When the human realm and the spiritual natural world come to understand one another, something beautiful is created.The subliminal beauty we see in the spiritual and natural realms appears in front of our eyes as a temporary encounter.Nature is at times harsh and at times forgiving. It teaches us fear and forgiveness. It makes us conscious of life and death. The raw nature of life and death are obscured by massive devices in modern society and we are distanced from it. However, as nature tells its story, death is the beginning of life and life is the beginning of death; constant loop that spins in the periphery of our lives. Life and death are reversible and has no good or evil. When life starts to vanish, death shines a new light.