Date | Ocean “The Origin of Life” 5.10 (Wed) – 6.26 (Mon). 2023
Root “The Gathering of Life” 5.10 (Wed) – 6.26 (Mon). 2023
Forest “The Return to Origins” 5.10 (Wed) – 6.26 (Mon). 2023
Time | 10:00 – 24:00
Venue | Hankyu Umeda Store 1F Window (Ocean/Forest), 9F floor, SHUKUSAI Plaza (Root)

Organizer | HANKYU HANSHIN DEPARTMENT STORES, INC., Produce | DESIGNART, Lighting Engineer | LUFTZUG, Construction Coordinator | waki process inc. Balloon | DAISY BALLOON

Ocean “The Origin of Life” | This work captures the energy of schooling fish when they innately respond and repel as part of a collective movement in which they circulate continuously in torus formation, expanding and shifting as they move along. Balloons enclosed within their hardened fiber shells (balloons shells) will slowly degrade throughout the duration of this exhibition.

Root “The Gathering of Life” | An immense root collects the energy created in the ocean and provides our earth with a continuous supply of life forms. There will also be a light show in which vast roots absorb water and returns energy to the forest, depicted by the movement of light.

Forest “The Return to Origins” | An array of vast roots filled with the energy of life form the forests of our earth, which then give rise to new life such as flowers, fruit, and animals. This is a visual representation of the cycling of energy.