Date | 10.20 (Mon) – 11.20 (Thu) . 2014
Address | 3-5-30, Kitaaoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061

We created the Anniversaire Omotesando window display titled Colorful Party, inspired by the connection between individual and society.
“COLORFUL PARTY” | One particular bird has become a part of our lives. What normally would have been a member of a flock of birds in nature was born into our human society and now interacts with us as an individual. As we showered her with affection, we started to take an interest in the ecological phenomenon of flocking. If you think about it, we people come from a history of living in groups, with each person bringing their own color, but in modern society we have become able to live independently. Our connections are weakening as a result. As with our bodies, we are made up of a great number of cells, and this may be proof that we cannot be held up by just a single cell.