3-Days Flower Shop
Date | 3.19 (Sat) – 3.21 (Mon). 2016
Time | 13:00 – 20:00
Venue | edenworks bedroom
Address | 8-8-2F, Motoyoyogicho Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. 151-0062

Flower Artist | Megumi Shinozaki (edenworks)
Photographer | Masaki Ogawa

Astral—Dreams in Shape is a collaboration between flower artist, Megumi Shinozaki, of edenworks bedroom and balloon artist, Daisy Balloon. It was displayed over three days from March 19-21, 2016 (Monday/holiday).


Date | 10.5 (Thu) – 10.10 (Sat) . 2015
Time | 18:00 – 19:00
Venue | Komazawa Olympic Park
Address | 1-1, Komazawakoen Setagaya, Tokyo 154-0013
URL | http://tokyocaravan.jp/

General Supervisor | Hideki Noda (director)
Assistant Supervisor | Katsuhiko Hibino (artist)
Artistic Supervisor | Kohei Nawa (sculptor)
Organizer | Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)

The Tokyo Caravan public workshop was held for three days from Oct. 8-10 at the Komazawa Olympic Park special venue (nanshiki baseball ground). A total of 32 artists gathered in response to invitations from Hideki Noda (playwright, director and actor), Katsuhiko Hibino (contemporary artist) and Kohei Nawa (sculptor). Under the concept of culture is traffic, six workshops were held which explored the possibilities of Tokyo Caravan, which would officially kick off in summer 2016.
Daisy Balloon was in the fourth program, Vehicles Crossing Vehicles, in which vehicles pass each other to represent culture in the making. Vehicles would come and go to the music and video, and amongst the vehicles were balloon cars created by Daisy Balloon, appearing from stage right and left. Then, at the junction of the two cars crossing, out came people wearing balloon dresses. Like the transformation and adaptation that follows birth from a cocoon, culture is created through a repetition of crossings. This concept was key to the production.


Date | 4.19 (Sat) . 2014
Time | 21:00 – 5:00
Venue | SHARED TERRACE – Gaien Icho Namiki
Address | 2-1-15, Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo. 107-0061

Photographer | Takuo Itayama

We created the visuals and graphics and produced the workshops for SHARED TERRACE’s fourth anniversary.
Though the use of six types of balloons, we depict the SHARED typeface beingーshared.


Date | 2.6 (Thu) – 2.13 (Thu) . 2014
Reception party | 2.5 (Wed)
Venue | 47 Greene St
Address | 47 Greene St, SOHO, NY
URL | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xG3nL9MNLd0&list=PLUpUyQdQR1AT4g9vVZdzT6nsPKRKXVXBY

The Nipponista project held in New York was selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as part of their Cool Japan campaign.
Centered around the themes of Japan luxury and Japan style, the aim was to spread Japanese fashion, art, food, lifestyle and craft to the world.
Daisy Balloon created the window displays and four balloon dresses.


Date | 6.28 (Fri) – 6.29 (Sat) . 2013
Time | 12:00 – 19:00
Venue | Auf AEG
Address | Halle 20 Muggenhofer Straße 132/135 90429 Nürnberg
Motion | https://vimeo.com/81492380

Art direction | Verena Hennig, Motion | Es ist Winter, Sound | Georg Stanka

Speakers': Wolff Olins (UK), Form Us With Love (SE), Sigurdur Gudmundsson (IS), June 14 Meyer-Grohbrügge & Chermayeff (DE/USA), Pernilla Ohrstedt (UK) Rolf Sachs (DE), Rejane Dal Bello (BR), Daisy Balloon (JP), Lotta Nieminen (FI), Thomas Mayfried (DE) und Slanted (DE).

Idea Parade is a platform to bond curiosity and inspiration.
The two-day festival is featuring outstanding artists and designers from all over the world, who are sharing their knowledge, expertise, passion – their IDEAS.


Futakotamagawa Biennale 2012:
Date | 10.6 (Sat) – 7 (Sun) . 2012
Time | 10:00-20:00
Address | 3-17-1 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. 158-8701

DAISY BALLOON Book vol.2 | “Exuviation”:
Date | 5.2012
Page | 39-41
Shooting | Tokyo, Japan
Order form | https://daisyballoone.stores.jp/items/5301f7a53e7a4a1013000053

Production | Atsushi Umezawa, Photographer | Satoshi Minakawa, Styling | Kumiko Iijima, Hair&Make-up | Noboru Tomizawa, Model | Ninon Webb

Exuviation | In our eyes, there are no two moments that are identical. We are forced to grow without being able to reflect back in satisfaction. However, there is a beauty in that very moment. When our soul can no longer be contained within our body, it goes on a quest in search of a new vessel. The empty shell left behind is proof that we lived. We struggle in this brief moment we call life, but there is something to be treasured in that.


Date | 10.28 (Thu) – 11.7 (Sun) . 2010
Time | 10:00-20:00
Venue | GYRE
Address | 5-10-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku Tokyo. 150-0001

Space Composer | Junji Tanigawa, Sound Space Composer | Hiroaki Ide, Photography | Kenichi Yamaguchi

GYRE (Omotesando Shibuya Tokyo) celebrated its 3rd anniversary by decking its interior with a massive fusion of balloon art and music called Sound Generate Installation: Voice of Universe. 3 sound stations were installed, uniquely designed to stimulate the visitors’ audio and visual senses.

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