DAISY BALLOON Book vol.1 | “The Art of Layering”:
Date | 7.2010
Page | 19-25
Shooting | Tokyo, Japan

Photographer | Hiroshi Manaka, Hair | Koji Ichikawa, Make-up | EBARA

When small pieces, as little as one micrometer in size, come together in complex layers, they give birth to a new formation. Like this bear dress, if we break it down into its smallest units, it is made up of small, medium and large bears. These building blocks have the same genetic makeup, that is, the same deoxyribonucleic acid = DNA as its final product. The same concept applies to the dog dress. We drew this inspiration from the way living organisms are created in nature. From a different perspective, this book is a collaborative effort between photographer and head stylist, each with their own unique styles = a harmonious layering of creativity. As if a piece of pop art were eroding and exposing a layer of mod.