DAISY BALLOON Book vol.1 | “Expressive Balloon”:
Date | 8.2010
Page | Cover, 67-83
Shooting | Tokyo, Japan
Order form | https://daisyballoone.stores.jp/items/5301f68a8a5610af0100005f
Photographer | Hiroshi Manaka, Stylist | Koji Oyamada, Hair | Koji Ichikawa , Make-up | EBARA

The various scenes from the story, from the feast to the flowers, are created with balloon art. The technique behind the art is just as important as the story they tell. In this work, we explore the more technical features of balloons so that we can appreciate their rather essential qualities. Balloons come in many forms, from clear to matte and opaque. In this work, we focus on clear balloons to see what can be accomplished through layering. We also transgress the conventional notion of balloons as decorative ornaments by transforming them into products that can be ‘worn’ such as dresses. From this, we give birth to a new relationship between body and balloon.