Date | 5.2013
Page | 15-19
Shooting | Tokyo, Japan
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Balloon | DAISY BALLOON, Collaborate | Katori Maki
Photographer | Satoshi Minakawa, Hair&Make-up | Masaki Moritani, Production Support | Maya Shibuya

Beauty | All living organisms are destined for death the moment they are born. Most flowers begin as a seed, grow petals, wither, bear fruit, then return to seed.In this process, there is a moment in which beauty casts its hue. However, beauty itself cannot be permanently captured in that moment, so why is it that the concept of beauty even exists? What is the meaning contained within this thing we call beauty which eventually decays away? A flower boasting its full bloom is a symbol of beauty, but inside, it carries an inherent ugliness. Take the interpretation of beauty, and when you sway it, it looks as though the swaying motion itself becomes what is beautiful.