Articles | Numero TOKYO 73 | vol.32 "Idea box"
Published | 10.2013
Page | 74-75

DAISY BALLOON Book vol.2 | “Aging”:
Date | 9.2013
Page | 53-55
Shooting | Tokyo, Japan
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Photographer | Toru Furuya

Aging | Turn fragility inside out and we may find beauty, Beauty can be found in semipermanent things, but as the Japanese contemplated the “appreciation of the fleeting nature of beauty,” it is in herently something that is taken away from us. The definition of beauty has wavered as it sifted through thousands of years of time, and the beauty of balloons is still in a state of fragility. The balloon is rather frail in comparison to its stronger counterparts andunlike other semipermanent objects, it has a considerably short lifespan. We can talk extensively about what beauty is because all things that once took shape will age and face an imminent death. Beauty itself appears in how we seek the unattainable answer to what beauty is. It conflicts with our purpose and shards of decay pierce through the passing of time.