Christmas 2013:
Date | 11.6 (Wed) – 12.25 (Wed) . 2013
Venue | Omotesando Hills
Address | 4-12-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. 150-0001

Date | 12.23 (Fri) – 12.25 (Wed) . 2013
Time | 11:00 – 21:00, 21 (Sat) - 24 (Tue) 11:00 – 22:00
Venue | Omotesando Hills B3F Space O
Artist | Mika Ninagawa, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Kohei Nawa, Hiro Sugiyama, Michihiko Yanai, Daisy Balloon

DAISY BALLOON Book vol.2 | “Fiction”:
Date | 11.2013
Page | 57-61
Shooting | Tokyo, Japan
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Photographer | Satoshi Minakawa, Stylist / Costume Designer | Kumiko Iijima, Hair | Go Utsugi, Make-up | Yuka Washizu

Fiction | What kind of effect has fiction had on humankind? Magic, deception, fabrication, shallow trickery. It seems there is one side of fiction that contradicts the transparency that modern society values. However, when you dive in and experience fiction in the form of a story, you return with the ability to understand realism and even expand beyond it. If the power of realism is felt directly in "the way things are," then surrealism is more indirect, a fiction that has the power to leap a large abyss like a metaphor. This power bears the ability to unite things in modern society that seem not to have any apparent connection. We believe that the source of modern creativity is in reality and fiction which, like a double sided mirror, cannot be parted.


Articles | NYLON JAPAN | vol.32 “kaela’s gallery”
Published | 11.2013
Page | 18-19

DAISY BALLOON Book vol.2 | “Birth”
Date | 8.2013
Page | 49-51
Shooting | Tokyo, Japan
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Photographer | Gen Saito, Stylist | Fumie Takahashi, Hair&Make-up | Mihoko Fujiwara, Model | Kaela Kimura

Birth | Those who gained wisdom by eating the forbidden apple fruitmust live carrying their original sin.We can relate this to how humansexit from the comfort of their mother's womb, and in the process of developing wisdom, they subconsciously become impure as they are forced to feed on others for survival.However, there is a beauty in how we struggle, make decisions, and find meaningin this transient life of ours.


Articles | Numero TOKYO 73 | vol.32 "Idea box"
Published | 10.2013
Page | 74-75

DAISY BALLOON Book vol.2 | “Aging”:
Date | 9.2013
Page | 53-55
Shooting | Tokyo, Japan
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Photographer | Toru Furuya

Aging | Turn fragility inside out and we may find beauty, Beauty can be found in semipermanent things, but as the Japanese contemplated the “appreciation of the fleeting nature of beauty,” it is in herently something that is taken away from us. The definition of beauty has wavered as it sifted through thousands of years of time, and the beauty of balloons is still in a state of fragility. The balloon is rather frail in comparison to its stronger counterparts andunlike other semipermanent objects, it has a considerably short lifespan. We can talk extensively about what beauty is because all things that once took shape will age and face an imminent death. Beauty itself appears in how we seek the unattainable answer to what beauty is. It conflicts with our purpose and shards of decay pierce through the passing of time.



DAISY BALLOON Book vol.2 | “Overturn”:
Date | 6.2013
Page | 63-69
Shooting | Tokyo, Japan
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Photographer | Satoshi Minakawa, Styling | Kyoko Fushimi, Hair&Make-up | Noli, Model | Yuma, Yujun, Misaki

Overturn | Preconceived notions are accepted widely by society and shared amongst the masses. These notions which have been developed as common knowledge with each layer of history has created a thick wall that can potentially block the fluidity that exists within our society. When fluidity is lost, society become exhausted and faces a massive death. In the way that our cells promote regeneration by way of apoptosis, we must accept the small deaths and embrace fluidity within ourselves.