DAISY BALLOON is a balloon unit of worldwide balloon artist Rie Hosokai (born 1976) and art director/graphic designer Takashi Kawada (born 1976). 
Since forming in 2008, they have produced many balloon art works based on the themes of “sense and quality.” Above all, the balloon dresses have fascinated many people through the intricacy of detail that suggests architectural qualities. Their daily fieldwork consists of searching for philosophical themes and interacting with people objects, but their vision is constantly looking toward achieving essential harmony with others.

Official Top | http://daisyballoon.com
Work Top | http://daisyballoon.com/work/
Contact | info@daisyballoon.com


Event | GINZA SIX XMAS, GINZA SIX, "Mirror Bell Dress" DAISY BALLOON, Tokyo | JP
Event | TOD'S CIRCUS, TOD'S, Tokyo | JP
Event | Dai Nagoya Building "Dreaming for Christmas" by Asami Kiyakawa × DAISY BALLOON, Nagoya | JP
Event | “VOGUE FASHION’S NIGHT OUT 2017”, Collaborated with Keita Maruyama, Tokyo | JP
Stage Costume | REBORN ART FESTIVAL 2017, WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA Live Record, Ishinomaki | JP
Exhibition | “Twilly d’Hermès”, Hermès Pop-up boutique, Tokyo | JP
Exhibition | "10th Anniversary", MARK&LONA, Tokyo | JP
Exhibition | “bionic by sputniko!”, SEIBU SIBUYA, Tokyo | JP
Event | REBORN ART FESTIVAL 2017 "D・E・A・U" by Takeshi Kobayashi × WOW × DAISY BALLOON, Ishinomaki | JP
Stage Costume | “WORLD HAPPINESS 2017”, Non, Tokyo | JP
CD Cover | “Jam”, KANJANI∞, Tokyo | JP
Event | “Roger Vivier × DAISY BALLOON”, MATSUYA GINZA | Numero TOKYO, Tokyo | JP
CD Cover | “Hayaku Aitai”, Dream Ami, Tokyo | JP

Event | “Green Christmas”, DAIKANYAMA T-SITE, Tokyo | JP
Solo Exhibition | “CAPSULE”, LUFTMUSEUM, Amberg | DE
Book | “EXCELLENT WOMEN”, Isetan Mitsukoshi, Tokyo | JP
Group Exhibition | “DOCOMODAKE CALENDAR ART”, docomo LOUNGE, Tokyo | JP
Event | “Tokyo Caravan”, ROPPONGI ART NIGHT 2016, Tokyo | JP
Event | ROPPONGI ART NIGHT 2016, Tokyo | JP
Exhibition | “Renewal Open Room#164”, HOTEL ANTEROOM KYOTO, Kyoto | JP
Solo Exhibition | “MOBILE”, HOTEL ANTEROOM KYOTO, GALLERY9.5, Kyoto | JP
Stage Costume | “μ's Final LoveLive!~μ’sic Forever”, Tokyo Dome, Tokyo | JP
Exhibition | “ASTRAL”, Collaborated with edenworks, bedroom, Tokyo | JP
TVCM | “NAIVE” Kracie, Kaera Kimura, Tokyo | JP
TVCM | “Amour du Chocolat!”, JR NAGOYA TAKASHIMAYA, Nagoya | JP

Exhibition | “Kiki & Lala 40th Anniversary“, Sanrio Puroland, Tokyo | JP
Exhibition | “Ginza Familiar”, CUBiE Art Gallery, Tokyo | JP
Stage Costume | “Shibuya Fashion Week”, Maki Nomiya, Tokyo | JP
Stage Costume | “Coca-Cola Halloween Campaign”, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Tokyo | JP
Stage Costume | “Tokyo Caravan”, Stage direction for Hideki Noda, Tokyo | JP
Event | “VOGUE FASHION’S NIGHT OUT TOKYO”, Collaborated with Keita Maruyama, Tokyo | JP
CD Cover | Ayami Muto “I-POP”, Collaborated with NAM, Tokyo | JP

Calendar | 2015 NISSAN Calendar ”NISSAN × Daisy Balloon”, Tokyo | JP
Window Display | ANNIVERSAIRE Omotesando, Tokyo | JP
Group Exhibition | “ART IN DESIGN,” PMQ, Central | HK
Group Exhibition | “ART IN DESIGN”, Walls Tokyo, Tokyo | JP
Solo Exhibition | Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui | HK
Book | DISNEY 2014 Design Book vol.006, Tokyo | JP
Window Display | ACLINIC MONTREUX, Montrreux | CH
Group Exhibition | “Art KITTY Parade”, GRAND FRONT OSAKA, Osaka | JP
Event | SHARED TERRACE, Tokyo | JP
Book | “METAMORPHOSIS”, DAISY BALLOON Book vol.2, Tokyo | JP
Exhibition | Tsutaya Daikanyama Art Gallery, Tokyo | JP
Event | “NIPPONISTA”, Isetan Mitsukoshi, New York | US
Event | “MIKIMOTO x HELLO KITTY”, colette Paris, Paris | FR

Display | “Existence”, TAKASHIMAYA KYOTO, Kyoto | JP
Advert | “Christmas 2013”, Omotesando Hills, Tokyo | JP
Event | “Laforet private party”, Laforet HARAJUKU, Tokyo | JP
Advert | Idea Box “Aging”, Numero TOKYO, Tokyo | JP
Advert | Kaela’s Gallery “Birth”, NYLON JAPAN, Tokyo | JP
Stage Costume | Björk “DNA Dress for Biophilia”, Tokyo National Museum, Tokyo | JP
Stage Costume | Björk “DNA Dress for Biophilia”, Fuji Rock Festival ’13, Niigata | JP
Speaker Event | “Idea Parade”, Nuremberg | DE
Stage Decorations | “TOKYO MAPS”, Roppongi Hills Arena, Tokyo | JP
Movie | “Rillakuma”, Short Film, Tokyo | JP
Event | ROPPONGI ART NIGHT 2013, Tokyo | JP

Event | “PIECE OF PEACE”– World Heritage Exhibition built with Legos, PART-3, Tokyo | JP
Window Display | Urban Research ROSSO, Tokyo & Nagoya | JP
Advert | STELLAR PLACE, Hokkaido | JP
Group Exhibition | “Tokyo Graphic Passoport”, +81 Creatives, Tokyo | JP
Event | “Futako-Tamagawa Biennale 2012”, TAMAGAWA TAKASHIMAYA S・C, Tokyo | JP
Movie | Panasonic 3D TV, Tokyo | JP
TVCM | “Wine Spritzer”, KIRIN, Tokyo | JP
CD Cover | “Koi wa Owaranai Zutto”, MISIA, Tokyo | JP
Opening display | Shibuya Hikarie, Tokyo | JP
Window Display | TAKASHIMAYA OSAKA, Osaka | JP
Stage Costume | “Final Tour”, MISIA, Tokyo | JP

Book | “Daisy Balloon”, DAISY BALLOON Book vol.1, Tokyo | JP
Book | “Balloon War”, FIERCIVE, Tokyo | JP

Advert | Laforet HRAJUKU, Tokyo | JP
Display | “3rd Anniversary”, Omotesando GYRE, Tokyo | JP
Solo Exhibition | SUNDAY ISSUE, Shibuya, Tokyo | JP
Book | “The Girl Who Fluttered Down”, RICH Magazine, Tokyo | JP
Group Exhibition | “Chocolate A-Z Exhibition”, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui | HK
Solo Exhibition | Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui | HK

Formed | Balloon unit, DAISY BALLOON


EXCELLENT WOMEN |  (Cover, 11-23Page), 2016
QUOTATION | No.24, (Cover, 27Page), 2016
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Session | “Kaela Kimura”(vol.32), 2014
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PIECE OF PEACE | World Heritage Exhibit Built With LEGO®BRICK, 2012
DAISY BALLOON | Vol.1 ”Daisy Balloon” 2011
RICH magazine | issue 01 “Music Saves Our Lives”(Cover,052-057Page), 2010

gestalten | HIGH TOUCH(129-131Page), 2013
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Hong Kong
SANDU | NO.8 “ASIA-PACIFIC DESIGN”(102,276Page), 2012
viction:ary | PALETTE 02 “MULTICOLOUR”(204-205Page), 2012

South Africa
MIGRATE | NO.020 “The Loerie Awards Magazine”(071-072Page), 2014

FAHRENHEIT | NO.51 “Celebrando la moda”(01,07Page), 2014

24 ORE CULTURA | “TERRIFIC FASHION”(98,148Page), 2015

Media & Award by Rie Hosokai

February | Tokyo “2017 Balloon Dress Seminar by Rie Hosokai” event

February | Tokyo “2016 Balloon Dress Seminar by Rie Hosokai” event

February | Tokyo “2015 Balloon Dress Seminar by Rie Hosokai” event
January | Twist & amp; Shout 2015 in America (world competition) 1st place in Un-Inflated Artistic Sculptre Category.

February | Tokyo “2014 Balloon Dress Seminar by Rie Hosokai” event

December | Belgium, BELBAL Calender 2014 main visual
July | Japan Balloon Twisters Convention 2013 in Takasaki, Instructor
July | Established Balloon Flower school “Tokyo Balloon Flower”
February | Tokyo “2013 Balloon Dress Seminar by Rie Hosokai” event

December | Malaysia, balloon dress production for wedding party
September | Hong Kong, balloon seminar instructor
June | Shanghai, China, balloon seminar instructor
February | Tokyo “2012 Balloon Dress Seminar by Rie Hosokai” event

December | Filmed in cooperation with Shiseido “Hanatsubaki”
December | Appeared in J-Wave “Rendez Vous”
December | Appeared in NHKBS1 El Mundo
September | Tokyo, Ginza Mitukoshi, floor decorations
June | Hong Kong. Balloon dress for Ella Koon CD jacket
June | Hong Kong, Michele Reis Anniversary Party balloon decorations

December | Tokyo. Balloon director for DE BEERS JEWELLRY Christmas party
November | Belgium, Millenniumjam 2010 (world competition), 1st place in Fashion Award
October | Tokyo. LOUVRE-DNP; production of balloon objet
August | 14th JBAN Convention in Tokyo, Instructor
June | Japan Balloon Twisters Convention 2010 in Yokohoma, Instructor
March | Malaysia, 2-day balloon dress seminar
March | Taiwan, 2-day balloon dress seminar

November | NHK Grand Jete appearance
October | Thailand / BAWC 2009, 2-day balloon dress seminar
September | China / Shanghai 2009 AEMI Art Event, Balloon Dress Designer
August | America / Summer Balloon Camp, 1st place in Balloon Fashion Category
August | 13th JBAN Convention in Tokyo, Instructor
July | Japan Balloon Twisters Convention 2006 in Tokorozawa, Guest Participant
February | Katsura Yumi, Tokyo Collection Participant

November | Singapore, Instructor & Balloon Dress Designer for balloon dress fashion show “Balloon Runway”
October | China, Shanghai 2008 AEMI Word Balloon Art Competition, Balloon Dress Designer
August | America, Diamond Jam 2008 summer, Instructor & Balloon Dress Designer
July | Katsura Yumi, Osaka Collection Participant
June | JBAN Convention 2008, Winner of Fashion Show Category
April | Thailand, Bangkok Clown with Balloon event, Executive Producer & Balloon Dress Designer for all fashion show balloon dresses


October | China, Hangzhou/Shanghai. International Clown Festival, lead production of balloon dresses at both locations

June | Millenniumjam 2007 in Belgium (world competition). Winner of Fashion Award (Masquerade Dress Contest)

June | 11th JBAN Convention, Instructor

February | Twist & Shout 2007 in America (world competition), 1st place in Large Category, 3rd Place in Medium Category

January | “Daisy Balloon Special Seminar 2007″ in Nakameguro. 2-day independent seminar

January | Diamond Jam 2007 in America (world competition), Instructor


August | 10th JBAN Convention, 2nd place in Small Sculpture Category

August | Received invitation as Instructor for balloon seminar in Colombia

July | Ballooniversity 2006 in America, 2nd Place in Non-round Category

July | Japan Balloon Twister Convention 2006 in Aichi, Guest Instructor

June | Millenniumjam 2006 in Belgium (world competition), Winner of Fashion Award (Wedding Dress Contest)

April | “Daisy Balloon Special Seminar” in Nakameguro, independent seminar

February | Twist & Shout 2006 in America, Instructor
January | Diamond Jam 2006 in America (world competition), 1st place in Diamond Artist Competition
Received “Rising Star Award of 2005″ (award given to previous year’s outstanding performer by the pioneer of twist balloons, Ralph Dewey)


August | Japan Balloon Twisters Convention 2005 in Osaka, Guest Instructor; 1st place in Twisters Contest

June | Millenniumjam 2005 in Belguim (world competition), 1st place in multiple balloons (large category)

February | Twist & Shout 2005 in America (world competition) 1st place in Large Category, 3rd place in Medium Category.
 Selected “Top Twister” in Twist & Shout 2005 (award given to best competitor)


August | 8th JBAN (Japan Balloon Artists Network) Convention, 2nd place in Non-round category

July | Japan Balloon Twisters Convention 2004 in Tokyo, 1st place in The Twisters Contest